In the sensitive periods, it is necessary to provide each child with situations and elements required at different stages of the child’s development”.

Maria Montessori


Each child will be considered as an individual being. He or she will grow in an environment that seeks to develop the child’s inner potential.


As professionals we will be attentive to your son’s/daughter’s balanced and appropriate development while at our school. We do not expect all children (boys and girls) do the same activities simply because they are of the same age. On the contrary, from the moment each child enters the school, the guide (teacher) will offer each one of them a world full of possibilities.


We see your child as a unique human being; for this reason, presentations (activities) will be shown individually and fully personalized.


At all times, there will be daily observations made by the guide to identify which presentations are (activities) are the most suitable for your child at that time.

In the following lines, we will describe the process that each one of the child will experience in our school…

Procedure at the time of a presentation to your child will be as follows:

Individually, the guide (after various observations that indicate that the child is ready to perform an activity) will make the first presentation of the material next to the child; (start-development-end); this whole process will be done slowly and respectfully towards the child.  Making use of strictly necessary and precise words, always seeking the attention of your child.

In the classroom, there will be only one presentation of each activity.  This fact helps practicing patience and, at the same time, the fact of respecting turns.

In the following days, the guide will be watching how the child performs the activity to see if any further action is needed or not.

After a few weeks, they will be able to make different activities, thus choosing the order they prefer doing them.  Always following the 3 main steps of the work cycle.

Preparation (start): involves connecting an internal need (what I want to do) and gather the necessary material to carry it out. The movement and thought involved in the preparation serve to draw the attention of the mind and start focusing on the activity.

Activity (development): moment in which the child is absorbed in the action with an extremely deep level of concentration.

Rest (ending): when the activity is done and a feeling of well-being and general satisfaction is accomplished.

This work cycle helps develop logical thinking; since it develops by observing and performing actions following the steps and sequences within an orderly environment that will allow the child to explore and orient himself/herself.

The tendency in the job is to develop abilities by using hands; manipulation and repetition leads them to control their movements and, therefore, its self-perfection.

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