Nido & Infant Community

At the Montessori Children’s School, you will find two large environments:

NIDO (from 4 to 18 months approximately) In this environment, your children will meet their guide (tutor) and an auxiliary supportive guide.

INFANT COMMUNITY (18 to 36 months): In this environment, your children will meet their guide (tutor) and an English-speaking assistant guide.  This will help the acquisition of this foreign language to occur in a natural way with a correct oral expression.

Learning English

The Children’s Community Assistant will be English-speaking and will only address your children and families in that language. The Nido will also include an hour a day to start familiarizing the little ones with this new language; since, the best age to internalize naturally and with a good phonetic acquisition a new language is between 0 and 6 years old.

Apren anglès amb Montessori Granollers


In this area, your child will find activities that will encourage their inner sensitivity, so they can assert their feelings from a systematic and fundamental point of view.

In the sensitive period, (from 0 to 5 years approximately) children actively record the images through their senses, thanks to their inner impulses.  The pedagogy of Dr. Montessori used to give great importance to the environment and disagreed with the thought of believing that the child is an empty container that has to be shaped and filled.


Your child will find activities and proposals that reflect daily work of the present time.

This will allow them to carry out actions that they constantly observe around, using real tools and real results as well.

In addition, the proposals of practical life promote the capacity for self-regulation and relaxation; thus connecting with their own needs during this stage of development.


The activities that your children will meet in this area will aim at the experimentation of all kinds of sensations, textures, flavors, colors, etc.

Besides, this environment will be arranged so that the children will have freedom of independent movement.

Therefore, the child will be active at all times, since he/she will not be passively expecting help from adults. That way, children will gain trust and self-confidence in the movements that he/she manages to conquer.


The language area is an important piece in an arranged Montessori environment in both Nido and the Infant community.

The activities offered to your child will facilitate the children’s process of oral language acquisition and promote an enrichment in expressions and vocabulary.

In addition, every day situation will be used to deepen into the  practice of oral language training.


Art education, in the stage of 0 to 3 years old, will be introduced through activities that involve exploration of music and fine arts.

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