Children’s School

Montessori Granollers Children’s School has been created to respond and satisfy your children’s needs.  All materials and spaces have been chosen, seeking perfection in all levels.

Your children will use real tools adapted for their ages. The work done in class will always be organized and sequenced; this is to promote and enhance concentration.

“The child who is able to overcome negative situations and transform them into positive events will be able to live better”.

Maria Montessori

Through this methodology, children will develop functional independence (done it by themselves), which is an adaptation of the child to his social and family environment.  This will be done working within an individual context and for the group.

We have always followed the codes established by the methodology of Dr. M.Montessori; and thanks to the collaboration of the International Montessori Institut (IMI) we have designed really enriching and meaningful spaces for your children.

“The children who will be most successful in life will be those who are best adapted to the environment”.

Maria Montessori

Montessori already existed in Granollers in 1930.

It had about fifty students from 3 to 12 years old.  It was located on the farm (Maspons) located on Príncipe de Viana Street; it had a large garden and an orchard.

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